Absrdity Of Travels

Following my very personal travelling experience, the more absurd the reason of a journey – or else irregular, if anything unexpected – the richer and more intense the result. A couple of years ago, it coincided with the death of my father, I set out for Greece, to embark on a three-week Greek course, modern Greek, that is. A strike of life. To think that the Greek language is the mother of all languages (okay, I am rounding up a bit here, still, you got my point), we can understand what nourishment we get from it: every word contains a real space-time journey. Amongst my notes I find: “Not only is the Greek language a communicative tool, it is an instrument of thought: the link between us and the world, not just the visible, but the one buried in each of us, a treasure that we can all talk, less about except but that not all are able to bring to light “.

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